You Can Volunteer In The Following Ways:
Short-term Crew: (two weeks – one year)
Career Crew: (two years or longer)
Mercy Teams: (short term outreach)
Facilitate A Speaking Engagement
An important aspect of our cause involves advocating for the poor and creating awareness about their plight.
We appreciate your interest in helping us make presentations before corporate, media, state, christian and humanitarian organisations.

To request a speaker or arrange speaking engagements, please contact us at:

To assist with fundraising, please contact us at:
You may also donate by:
• Cheque or postal order:
Cheques can be made out to Mercy Ships Southern Africa and mailed to:  
PO Box 290, Plumstead 7801. South Africa.
• Stop Order:
by arranging directly with your Bank for an amount to be paid to Mercy Ships Southern Africa in accordance with your instructions.
• A legacy:
Ask Mercy Ships Southern Africa about bequeathing money in your will.
• Once off gifts:
Donations can be made into our account
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Standard Bank
Blue Route Tokai
025 609
Current Account
Mercy Ships
Our Crew of both professional medical and non-medical volunteers, have chosen a very powerful way to share their blessings. Mercy Ships has chosen to follow the 2,000 year-old model of Jesus the blind see, the lame walk, the mute speak, and the Good News (the nature and character of a loving God) is proclaimed and demonstrated among the poor. Mercy Ships welcomes individuals that seek to engage in our mission of hope either by volunteering with our Crew or in the sharing of personal relationships and resources. Not everyone may be able to volunteer, but your support for our cause can make a difference in the lives of the forgotten poor. Short term volunteers can participate from two weeks to a year with Mercy Ships, while others may choose to serve in a longer capacity. The ability to utilize professional volunteers as Crew allows Mercy Ships to maximize our donor support and serve those who need help the most.

Short-term crew (two weeks – one year)
Incredible impact happens through people. Mercy Ships offers a variety of opportunities for those who want to be involved in a short term capacity. Over a thousand people a year volunteer their vacation, Christmas or spring break, retirement, etc. to help bring hope and healing to the poor through Mercy Ships. 
To volunteer with Mercy Ships, (defined as any period between two weeks to one year) please request an application:

Long-term crew (two years or longer)
Long term crew have the privilege to develop close range relationships with the poor and make a difference in their lives over a sustained period. To serve in a long term capacity with Mercy Ships (defined as two years or longer), you must first complete a five month (or alternative three month) training program.  Interested? Please request an application:

Mercy Teams (short term outreach)
Welcome to Mercy Teams, the branch of Mercy Ships that provides short term outreach opportunities for churches, schools, civic organizations and groups of individuals. Knowing first hand the challenges and complexities of arranging such trips, Mercy Teams handles all the logistics and equips the teams in preparation for their time of service. Mercy Teams operate in both the developing world as well as developed nations. Working alongside Mercy Ships projects and other established organisations and ministries, Mercy Teams augments and complements their work while encouraging local churches.

Developing world opportunities currently exist in West Africa and Central America. However, Mercy Teams will soon be facilitating teams to Asia as well. Projects to date have included:
Renovating orphanages
Teaching on community health
Assisting in micro enterprise projects
Building and painting clinics, schools and homes
Medical Clinics
Serving for a few days onboard a Mercy Ship

In the developed world, Mercy Teams offers various opportunities at our Mercy Teams desire is to partner with groups to serve the poor together. Perhaps you long to make a lasting impact, but only have a limited available time each year? Maybe you long to encourage your group to be involved in missions service? Or desire to experience God in a deeper way - and share His love with others? Mercy Teams is for you!
Theres a role for everyone from mixing cement, to carpentry, to sewing, to painting, to treating wounds, to sharing basic health care, to befriending the local people - and so many people to be shown the love of God.

Come, expand your horizons - and bless the poor through Mercy Teams! For further information, contact us: